McCadam Distributing strongly embraces the Miller-Coors, “Alcohol Responsibility” program to promote the responsible use of adult beverages, and to prevent under-age drinking. For more information about the important programs of Miller-Coors, please see the information below and visit the links listed.

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Alcohol Responsiblity Program

We believe that drunk driving is completely preventable. Our drunk driving prevention programs, tools and partnerships help promote responsible consumption and help our legal-age consumers get home safely.

MillerCoors is the exclusive partner to 1-800-TAXICAB, an easy to remember, toll-free phone call that dispatches a taxi wherever and whenever a customer needs it. Since 2006, MillerCoors and 1-800-TAXICAB have offered nearly 146,000 cab vouchers. We also partnered on the launch of the Miller Lite Taxi Finder iPhone application, which helps consumers locate a cab using GPS technology.

Underage Drinking

MillerCoors does not want underage consumers. That’s why we’re committed to preventing youth access to alcohol. We tackle it from two sides – we help parents talk with their kids and we work with retailers to prevent the sale of alcohol to anyone under 21.


Whether they realize it or not, research shows parents are the leading influencer in teens' drinking decisions. That’s why MillerCoors partners with Search Institute to bring Parent Further ( to parents.

The site helps parents provide a learning experience to their children through everyday issues and conversations. That way, when the big issues arise, such as underage drinking, kids can make smart, well-informed decisions.


Across the United States, MillerCoors and our distributors are teaming up with retailers to raise community awareness and improve retailer practices regarding underage access to alcohol. Brandeis University and the Responsible Retailing Forum partnered with MillerCoors to develop the Respect 21 Responsible Retailing program. Respect 21 uses education to help prevent the sale of alcohol to minors and uses the retail environment to encourage legal-age consumers not to provide alcohol to anyone under 21.

College Campus Programs

Alcohol-related college campus issues have grown in significance over the years. That’s why MillerCoors is expanding its partnerships and programs to help address issues through harm reduction and safety programs.

We have worked with the community, our local distributors and universities to help students understand the importance of:

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